Meet Apenstreken! Apenstreken comes in two flavours. The first is a normal DJ-set. Starting out as house DJ’s we have since tried a variety of styles, but our love for the house genre finally brought us to deep-house. Meanwhile we have gathered some years of experience in DJ-ing, hosting our own night in a local club and organizing some events at the side. All this has made us hungry for more!

Now, take the Apenstreken DJ-set and add live instruments in the form of a drum kit and keyboard and you get the second flavour: Apenstreken (live)! It is a DJ-band consisting of four enthusiastic guys. In this unique live act, the instruments support the deep-house being played. Our keyboard adds some jazzy tunes while our drums bring an uplifting beat, giving a twist to otherwise well-known tracks. A variation between mixes and solos creates an energetic whole that ensures a positive vibe.

Are you curious and want to see what we mean? Check out our promo video!

Tue 16 Sept  -   Apenstreken (Live) @ LIFE  -   Lijm & Cultuur, Delft

Sun 28 Sept  -   Apenstreken (Live) @ Zeven Zonden  -   D.S.S. Phoenix, Delft

Thu 16 Oct  -   Apenstreken (Live) @ Civilization  -   Lijm & Cultuur, Delft

Thu 13 Nov  -   Apenstreken (DJ-set) @ DROP  -   Ciccionina, Delft

Sun 30 Nov  -   Apenstreken (Live) @ Rommelige Zondag  -   Marktkantine, Amsterdam

Fri 05 Dec  -   Apenstreken (DJ-set) @ Vrijdag Vrij  -   Ciccionina, Delft

Wed 10 Dec  -   Apenstreken (DJ-set) @ Kafeest  -   i.d-Kafee, Delft

Thu 19 Feb  -   Apenstreken (DJ-set) @ Stukafest  -   Paard van Troje, Den-Haag

Wed 25 Feb  -   Apenstreken (Live) @ tba  -   tba, Delft